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The Cardiologist's Wife - What Is a Health Coach
Oct 17, 2018

One of the newest trends in health care has been the emergence of health coaches as a bridge between the doctor and patient. Doctors are so pressed for time that they cannot adequately address a patient’s needs beyond ordering tests, diagnosing problems and prescribing medication. A health coach serves as a mentor, helping clients achieve better health by making lifestyle and behavior changes through science based nutrition education and goal setting.

The traditional health care system is focused on caring for sick people. Health coaches focus on prevention since so many diseases are either preventable or can be greatly improved with a proper diet and exercise. With so much conflicting information available about diet, exercise and what you should and shouldn’t do to feel or look better, it can be overwhelming to sift through it all and decide what is correct or feasible for you.

Your body is a wondrously complex machine consisting of many delicate parts that must work together in harmony. When one part breaks down, it may create problems in another area. In school we learn about the cardiovascular and digestive systems, our bones, muscles and the brain which acts as the control center. The one thing we really don’t learn much about is the proper care of all these complex systems so that we enjoy the best health possible. We also don’t understand how much control we have over our own health; therefore our lifestyle choices can have unintended poor results.

A health coach does not diagnose conditions, sell supplements, recommend specific medications or treatments or give you a specific dietary plan. Some health coaches may also be registered nurses, dietitians or personal trainers and therefore offer additional services. You should ask what certifications or degrees a health coach has to determine whether they are a good fit for your problems. A health coach should encourage you to stick with your doctor’s treatment plan and help you find the motivation to follow his or her additional recommendations such as eating better and starting an exercise program.

A health coach’s job is to help you discover what you need to do to succeed by looking at your life holistically. If you understand why your body needs sleep, certain nutrients or exactly what exercise does for you, it is easier to make better decisions. A health coach can make suggestions to help you handle stress better, how to eat less and still be satisfied and hold you accountable for the changes you want to make and the goals you have set.

If you think a health coach might be beneficial in helping you live a better life, there are a few here in Jonesboro. There is a health coach on staff at NEA Baptist (Angela Jones - 870-935-5432) and The Natural Grocer (see store for details). I am also a certified health coach and you can reach me at or follow me on Facebook at cardiologist’s wife for more information.

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