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Who Really Owns Your Website Domain Name
Sep 30, 2010
Your Website..You Paid For It…You Own It…Right? Maybe  Maybe Not

Last week, while attending our annual Small Business Development Center Network conference in San Antonio I had an opportunity to sit in on a workshop conducted by Mr. Eric Spellmann of Spellman & Associates a web design firm out of Amarillo, Texas called “10 Website Mistakes Your Small Business Clients Don’t Want to Make!” Although I am not a “webhead” he couched his presentation in terms even I could understand.  Over the next couple of weeks will share all 10 of his “common” mistakes that hurt small business website marketing.  So stay tuned.  One of his ten mistakes small businesses make is Not Owning their Website Domain.  Oh they think they do…after all they paid that web developer a lot of money to create the website so… “it must be mine…right?”  Well not always.

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