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Wishing Our Small Business Friends a Happy
Jan 04, 2011
It is Saturday afternoon January 1, 2011 the Christmas Tree has been taken down, the lights and ornaments neatly packed away until next year.  The kids, grand kids, and other relatives have long since gone back to their daily routines, leaving my wife and I (and of course our dog Jaxson) to bring this holiday season to a successful close.  While Susan is busy in the kitchen preparing our traditional New Year's Day dinner including the obligatory black eyed peas...necessary for good luck in the coming year...I had a little time to prepare to return to the office and think about what 2011 has in store for our small business friends and for the ASU SBTDC. One thing is for certain 2011 will bring its shares of new challenges and opportunities to small businesses around Arkansas.   New laws and regulations passed in 2010 will begin to to go into effect this year and it is critical that small business owners are aware of these new laws and how they will impact the way they do business a good recap of significant federal legislation can be found at The Bottom Line's October 21st article Recap: Small Business Legislation 2010 

2010 also ushered in even more dramatic changes to small business marketing opportunities as on-line marketing and social media marketing continued grow in popularity by consumers.  Terms like SEO, SMM, Twitter, viral videos, LinkedIn, Groupons, and of course Facebook are becoming even more common in small business marketing circles across all industry boundaries.  The fact that Mark Zuckleburg founder and CEO of Facebook was named Times Magazine's Person of the Year should be a clear message to any small business person about the importance of social media as part of their marketing effort.

To read the rest of this blog visit the ASU Small Business Blog and let us know what you expect to see in 2011 for your business. 


The Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center was established to help start-up and existing businesses address challenges like the ones I listed above, find realistic solutions to help our clients grasp new opportunities and continue to grow...succeed...and prosper.  Through our free and confidential consulting assistance, our extensive market, industry and financial research databases, and our cutting edge, practical workshops we are committed to helping improve economic opportunities in Northeast and North-central Arkansas "One Business at a Time". Contact our staff Laura Miller, Lead Consultant or Robert Bahn, Business Consultant and find out how we can assist you meet your business goals.   On behalf of all the ASU SBTDC staff I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! 


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