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Occasions' Ultimate Makeover Winner - March Update
Mar 07, 2011

Judy Montgomery is Occasions' 2011 Ultimate Makeover winner, and as promised, she is keeping us updated as she works with her personal trainer, Chris Rich, at Trim Gym. 

Judy: "All is going as good as can be expected. I am wearing a boot on my left foot now due to some weakness in my left leg from diabetic neuropathy. I am doing some workouts by myself now; I call them 'warm ups' so that when Chris shows up, I get a better workout. I am walking on the treadmill and and can walk about 10 to 15 mins before I have to stop. I am doing my best to keep up even though I am noticing a slight weakness in my left arm and left leg, but am still trying to do the best I can to do each exercise so I can move on to other exercises.

"I have lost almost 10 pounds, if not more. I seem to be gaining muscle too, especially in my arms. I have had days where I have been really stressed out, and after walking on treadmill, doing squats, lifting 8 lb weights in both hands and doing range of motion on some of the machines, I was worn out!"

Check back next month to see how Judy is keeping up with her Ultimate Makeover. 

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