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Little Hands: Getting Crayons Under Control
Jul 19, 2011

Hi everyone! We've been having a crayon problem in our house. A problem, in that London leaves them out, and Story wants to eat them. So I've been trying to figure out something to keep her crayons better organized, and then, I came across an idea to make a roll up felt holder. It's made with just one piece of felt you get at Walmart or Hobby Lobby, a few sewing stitches, and a piece of ribbon. I usually try to avoid sharing sewing things here, because though I am certain nothing I share will ever be out of the beginner level, not everyone sews. In my usual routine, I first tried to hot glue instead of sew, was a disaster. Don't waste your felt.

I folded one of the length sides up a little shorter than a crayon, and stitched up both sides. Then, I measured one inch lengths all the way down and stitched pockets for the crayons on all my marks. I cut the top that I folded down onto the crayons in a bit as well. Finally, I stitched on some ribbon to tie it all up. My daughter's so into it that she actually puts her crayons up, and the baby can't find pretty colorful chew toys lying around.

My favorite parts about this? It took just a few minutes, it doesn't require great sewing skills, a piece of felt is $.46 or 2 for $.46, and ribbon can be bought for super cheap too. Because of back to school sales, crayons and notebooks are on sale everywhere, and I'm stocking up! What a great birthday/Christmas gift idea for preschoolers! Especially a preschooler in the car a lot. If you had a little time, you could even make these as party favors for a child's birthday party! Yes, it's July, but I'm already thinking of what I'll be buying/making for Christmas gifts this year like this one, so you may be seeing more posts like this in the coming months. :)

(Also, please forgive my lack of photography skills. I tried taking pictures with better details, but there were always little hands (no pun intended) blocking light or needing to be cropped. :))

Until next time,

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