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Little Hands Make a Mind Jar
Aug 30, 2011

Hello all! I'm am loving this cooler weather! I love being able to have the window open in the mornings and watching all the families walking children down to school. Today's post comes from an ingenious invention I came across online called a mind jar. Those that have children that are in, or have experienced, the lovely toddler years, will appreciate today's magical subject. Timeouts in our home seem to be escalating as a certain little sister perfects walking and a new ability to reach things a certain bigger sister thought she had safe. A time out is needed to remove London from the situation and just gather some control over herself, but when you're 2, that's tough.

Thus, the mind jar. It's a cup and a half of hot water, a tablespoon of glitter glue, extra glitter, and food coloring. In retrospect, I'm glad I used bigger glitter for the extra, because it falls faster than small glitter and at 2, she only needs a couple of minutes. However, I wish I had not added the food coloring. It's pretty, and works, but with one so young, I think it would be easier to see and focus on with just the glitter and water.

Anyway, you put all the ingredients into a jar. I used a glass jelly jar. Once it is all mixed, glue the lid on for safety and cleanliness reasons, of course. Shaken just a tad, a beautiful sparkly swirl of glitter and pink swims around the jar. It gives her something to focus on instead of things happening (like her sister playing with her toys), and she may get back up when she is as calm as the glitter on the bottom. It takes 2-3 minutes for the glitter to all end up at the bottom, but if I had used smaller glitter, it would take longer. I timed it as I mixed so that I could get the time I was needing.

I just think this jar is not only beautiful, but I love that it reframes her mindset from anger to calm and gentleness. Maybe we'll be seasonal and switch to a snow globe for Christmas. This doesn't just have to be for time out. It's perfect for any time your little one feels out of control, whether that be anger dealing with you leaving, having to go to bed, needing to eat dinner instead of play, or whatever. They can be as small as a baby jar or as large as a mason jar. Or maybe you can just make one for your desk at work to shake and watch when coworkers or your boss make you want to hide under your desk? Maybe I'll set up a booth at a craft show and sell them for all of us that need to disappear and refocus sometimes, haha.

Until next time,

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