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Four Years of Frugality: Inexpensive Tailoring
Nov 17, 2011

If you’re a little short person like I am, chances are you have trouble finding jeans that fit right. Yes, some brands make jeans with “short” inseams, but sometimes their definition of “short” just isn’t good enough.

So, with this dilemma, for as long as I’ve been wearing jeans, my mother has had to hem every single pair before I wear them. Even if it’s just a little bit off the ends, it’s still extra work for just wanting to wear a good pair of jeans.

But even worse than having to hem everything I own is when that hem has been washed a few too many times and starts to come apart. What do you do then? This has happened to me on several occasions. I’ll be walking to class and hear a scratching sound on the sidewalk as my feet shuffle along. I’ll look back and see that the hem my mother spent time working on has come loose and the edge of my jeans is starting to fray. It’s a terrible instance, but with a few office supplies, this can be fixed anywhere, by anyone in a jiffy.

You have a few options, but here are my favorites:

*A stapler- This is probably the most effective item to use in this situation. The staples will hold up very well while walking and they won’t fall out too easily.

*Safety pins- Also a great choice because they weave into the fabric to hold the seam together.

*Paper clips- These should be used for smaller jobs. Say the back of the seam is undone, but not the rest of it; this would call for a single paper clip (one that’s not been used on everything, thus stretching it out) that clamps everything in place until you can get new means of fixing your problem.

While these are some easy tricks for mending clothes on the go, I will add they are just temporary. You should always take these things out of your clothes before washing them or else you’ll get a nice little rust colored stain around them (which comes out with a little peroxide). It helps to have a small sewing kit around for when you do finally get back to your dorm where you can fix your clothes properly.

And if that doesn’t work, just take them to your mom. I’m sure she’d love to see you anyway.

See ya around campus!
- Beth

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