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Little Hands Begin a New Year
Jan 03, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday. We sure did! With all the family gatherings and gifts and food pouring in from every direction, we were so glad we kept things as simple as possible at home. We stay home all day Christmas day, and the girls each get three gifts from us, just as Jesus was given the three gifts from the magi. Santa is kind enough to go with our simplicity, and he leaves a stocking, a letter, and one bigger gift for each to represent the gift of Jesus to us. Santa also leaves a smaller tree with a star on top, reminding us in his letter of the star the magi followed to find Jesus, and magic snow wherever he walks! I may ask Santa next year to leave his boots outside, however, because the magic snow is so magical that it even eludes my vacuum. We wake up to Santa gifts and stockings, eat homemade cinnamon rolls, then open the first gift. After that, there is at least an hour in between each gift, allowing them to play with them and enjoy each thing before tearing into another. We made those four gifts, and a small gift to each of them from each of them, last almost five hours!

Well, now that Christmas is over, we're looking at a brand new year full of possibilities. With that, I would like to ask readers this week for their opinions! In this next year, is there any topic you'd prefer to hear more about? More kid friendly crafts? Food recipes? Family activities? Sometimes, there I am Tuesday morning wondering what to share, and having a preference from you all in the back of my mind will at least help me know which direction to sway in deciding! Just leave a comment, if you'd like to share some suggestions! We'd love to hear from you! I'll leave you with some pictures from Christmas, since I have none for this particular post.

Until next time,

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