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Little Hands Hit the Reset Button
Jul 11, 2012

No matter what you do with your days, some days just need a reset button. Fortunately, I learned this truth before ever having children, so that once I did, I remembered the need of having resets that I rely on. Reset buttons once looked more like a great song I loved or a cup of coffee, but now look more like finger painting or toys left in closets until there was a desperate need. We have special blocks, crafts, and toys all reserved for days when everyone gets grumpy and we just need a reset on the day and our attitudes. Sometimes, the buttons look more like food, like really yummy food. I try not to make it a habit because I don't want them growing up with the feeling that food will fix my bad day, but sometimes it's needed to add fun to the day. Today is just such a day.

I don't know what it is with food on sticks, but kids love it! It's how restaurants take food with no flavors but fried oils, and make the children think its great. But I'm on to their tricks, and two can play that game. So, we have wooden skewers that get loaded up with grapes, bananas, carrots, whatever! Today, it was pound cake and strawberries, drizzled with a tiny bit of melted chocolate chips. I saw these on pinterest and knew we'd be trying them out! I have a feeling they'll be used again while company is here. You just cut the pound cake into cubes, cut the strawberries as big as you'd like, and shove them on! I do break the pointed part on Story's and she holds that side instead of eating off of it or safety precautions. These are really good and not too sweet, but offer a tiny bit of indulgence. Perfect for a reset on a whiney, grumpy attitude, and it worked on the bad attitudes of my girls too! ;)

Until next time,

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