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Little Hands' Summer Fun
Jul 31, 2012

A few weeks ago, my mom came to visit and brought with her water shooters. They're long plastic sticks that fill with water when submerged and the handle is pulled out. When you shove the handle back in, it shoots an impressively long shot of water. She brought four adult ones and two small Minnie Mouse ones. We're not really to the age of water gun fights, or seeing the fun of them without getting offended, so for the most part, my little girls watered flowers with them.

Next, I got the bright idea to try them out with some chalk paint. I mixed up some cornstarch and water in several different containers, then added food coloring to each. We took them outside and filled the shooters and started painting! London, my 3-year-old, was especially into it. She really got into filling it with several different colors. When you filled and shot fast enough, the colors stayed separate so that the colors would change as she sprayed. It was a really fun activity with almost no cleaning involved, which means it's something we'll be doing the rest of the summer and maybe even longer. Can you imagine how pretty it'd paint in white snow?

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