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Little Hands: Giving Thanks
Nov 07, 2012

November is upon us. You may have a Facebook page that's covered each day with thankful posts. I love those. I've been trying to teach my girls a bit more about being grateful this month than I have been, and with them being so young, it sometimes works better to teach them to be giving and through that, thankfulness.

An easy opportunity presented itself to show my girls a way to be giving recently. A close friend of mine was due with a baby last week. She was overdue, and what's worse, her husband works as a lineman and was called to D.C. to help fix their power outages after hurricane Sandy. She has two little boys close to the same ages of my girls so they play together. When my Bible study group of women and I first learned her husband probably wouldn't be here for the birth, we thought of as many ideas as possible to show our love and support. One of the ways was for some big brother bags for the boys and a mommy survival bag for her. My girls really got into shopping for their friends and their mommy, and I really loved watching them think of what someone else would like. At first they picked out things they liked, but after explaining a few times that the boys aren't that into princesses, they soon started thinking differently. I'm happy to announce that my friend did have their baby girl last night, and that the proud daddy was able to make it back just in time.

What sort of giving things can you think of for your children? Is there a teacher, Sunday school teacher, or friend in your life they could help bless? Anyone going through a major life transition that could use a simple thinking of you note or package?

In the Mommy Survival Bag, we put:
Ponytail holders
Bubble bath
My favorite book on motherhood
Dove chocolate Granola bars
Thank you notes - this mommy is a stickler for thank you notes. ;)

In the Big Brother bags we put:
Wooden cars
Animal toys
Musical toys
Wooden airplanes
Books on animals and being a big brother
Granola bars

They were really easy and fun, and they can really bless someone with just a little time!

Until next time,

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