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The Cardiologist's Wife - Making Better Health Choices
Feb 28, 2018

With so much temptation around us every day, it can be hard to make good choices nutritionally, much less get in the recommended amount of weekly exercise due to our busy lives. But a conscious effort to make better choices really does pay off in a healthier body in the long run. The choices you make each day, whether to smoke, eat a donut or sit in front of the TV all night, really do affect your health. You do have a remarkable amount of control over what happens to your body and you can change the outcome for the better. Here are a few tips for upping your nutrition and exercise game.

Think about making good, better and best choices when eating. Even if you are just having a sandwich, make vegetables a priority by piling on the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. and adding a side of fresh fruit or a salad. Skip the chips and fries by keeping fresh fruit like bananas, apples, oranges, grapes and vegetables like carrots, cucumber and celery sticks washed and ready to eat. You’ll be more likely to eat them if you don’t have to stop and cut them up each time.

Make the best beverage choice - skip sugary drinks and go for water or unsweetened tea. Save some serious money and skip the calorie laden coffee drinks every day and have them only occasionally.

Jump start your day with fruits and vegetables Break the mindset that you have to have certain foods at certain meals by making a smoothie with kale, spinach or canned pumpkin and your favorite fruit or (Gasp!) have a salad with a boiled egg for breakfast. The idea of salad for breakfast may be off-putting at first, but once you try it, you’ll love the fresh burst of flavor over another bagel or toaster pastry.

Sneak in exercise by parking farther away from the office or store so you walk more. Take the stairs over an elevator every time and take a 15 minute walk at lunch. If you find yourself in an afternoon slump, do a few jumping jacks or knee lifts to get your blood circulating rather than grabbing a caffeinated drink to clear your mind. If you are on the phone a lot at work, do some squats or bicep curls while you talk. Definitely get in some exercise when you get home, whether it’s shooting some hoops with your kids or taking the dog for a walk.

At work, ask your supervisor to cut back on unnecessary food at work; i.e. people bringing food to work to share with others, the donuts at the weekly meeting, chocolates on the front desk or the monthly birthday cake celebrations.

Plan your get togethers with friends around an activity rather than a meal. Go hiking at a nearby park, play dodgeball, laser tag or go bowling. Volunteer as a group at the local humane shelter or work a fundraiser and have fun while doing a good deed. If you do plan to go out on the weekend, eat more carefully leading up to the weekend so you won’t feel so bad about splurging.

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