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SHARP, Inc. Jonesboro, AR

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105 E. Matthews, Suite A
Jonesboro, AR
Phone: 870-972-0032
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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St. Bernards Healthcare Associated Regional Providers (SHARP) is a physician hospital organization (PHO) that connects providers, employers and patients seeking medical services to create the very best healthcare service possible. With over 4,300 providers and 173 facilities, SHARP is the largest healthcare network available for self-insured employers that choose to contract direct with the providers of healthcare.

SHARP, Inc. was created through a partnership between the physicians on staff at St. Bernards and St. Bernards Medical Center to provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services to the employers and insurance companies of northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri.

After 15 years of business, SHARP has grown to include 225,000 lives covered in a 75-mile radius of Jonesboro and is capable of offering access to every medical service available in the northeast Arkansas area as well as tertiary referral centers in Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee.

Just as our mission statement says, employees at SHARP are “Dedicated to helping you, because your health matters.”  Corporate wellness is just one of the ways SHARP is committed to helping our employers.  SHARP has a number of resources designed to measure and improve the health and productivity of your employees.  Whether you are looking to implement preventative measures or manage current issues within your company, SHARP is your corporate wellness partner.

Health Screenings

With the help of staff members at St. Bernards Medical Center, SHARP can offer employers the option of on site health screenings.  On site health screenings are a great way to encourage employees to be aware of their health status and prevent health problems from developing.  Tests performed at the health screening include: blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, cholesterol, weight/height BMI calculation, colorectal cancer test and bone density.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Through the use of a voluntary health risk assessment (HRA), SHARP can create a picture of your company’s overall health.  An HRA is a set of questions about a person’s current health condition as well as nutritional and exercise habits.  Questionnaire responses do not ask any personally identifying information which allows the participants to remain anonymous.  The results of these questionnaires are then compiled and used to develop educational programs that target the needs of your employees.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learns are programs designed to educate employees on health-related issues while providing them with a break from the daily grind.  SHARP works with leaders in healthcare to deliver presentations that are timely, upbeat, and engaging. By using SHARP for your Lunch & Learns, you will be able to encourage health and fitness for your employees.  The SHARP staff will arrange for a speaker to deliver a presentation on the topic of your choice and coordinate the catering.