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SynTel, LLC Jonesboro, AR

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SynTel, LLC
3401 One Place
Jonesboro, AR
Phone: 870-268-5310
Hours: 8-5
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SynTel, LLC is THE Delivery Channel. Whether mail, email, internet, or mobile we automate and streamline the delivery of customer communications.
We optimize business processes, by streamlining mailroom procedures making it efficient and cost effective.

SynTel LLC is the most popular mailroom solution in America with one out of every six banks using SynTel’s Automail® software in their mailrooms. Automail® users save up to 25% in postage costs alone. That is a significant savings in non-interest expense that goes straight to the company’s bottom line.

Syntel has helped over fifteen hundred companies automate their mailrooms, saving on labor, equipment, supplies, and postage costs. SynTel seamlessly integrates into companies’ current statement processes.

SynTel is CASS™, PAVE™, and Gold certified by the USPS. SynTel’s software is USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode compliant and also helps financial institutions comply with key federal rules and regulations such as GLBA and FACTA.

“Our mailing preparation and processing is simply more efficient now. Additionally, the system saves us tens of thousands of dollars in postage costs. We are on pace to save $35,000 from the previous year on postage alone.” -Solomon Fields, Utility Billing and CIS Manager, Lubbock Power and Light

Our Documents

Zippy Mail

SynTel Premier Solutions - Printing & Electronic delivery of customer communications (statements, notices, advertisements).  

Automail® – Mailroom automation software designed for maximum postage savings, improving statement production, and compliance with key federal regulations.

MailStream Manager® – Notice redesign solution taking notices from boring to brilliant.

taxnoitcesolution.com – Simply the easiest way to process and prepare you tax notices.

  • Save up to 25% on postage
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce equipment costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve delivery times
  • CASS and PAVE Certified
  • USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode
  • USPS Certified software
  • Installation is painless
  • 24/7 Support and more

Print to Mail is the process used by SynTel Premier Solutions, using the secure delivery of files to a remote environment that prints and mails statements, billing and other important documents directly to the customer. Print-to-mail is a perfect solution for those looking to reduce capital equipment costs, labor, postage and focus more on business rather than running a mailroom.​

SynTel’s software is able to CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify addresses and apply the barcode before printing allowing for the deepest postal discounts available.  Customers are provided with documentation including a copy of all postal reports and account/unique sequence number list, to ensure all all pieces were mailed.

A free HostAQS license to help with address database cleanup.  After each mailing a report is provided to the customer with addresses that did not match the post offices database.  The customer can easily use Host AQS to lookup and change the address to the correct format.

  • ​Save Time and Money
  • Online Account Verification
  • Enhanced Delivery and Data Security
  • Complete Redesign of Documents
  • Customer Service Interface