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Reef Escapes Jonesboro, Arkansas (AR)

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Reef Escapes
4315 East Johnson, Unit B
Jonesboro, Arkansas (AR)
Phone: (870) 275-6484
Hours: 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. M-F 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat - Closed Sunday
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Reef Escapes has been operating in Jonesboro since 2007 under the ownership of Granville "Chuck" L. Vaughan IV.  We are brick and mortar storefront as well as a mobile design and maintenance service for fresh and saltwater aquaria, and ponds. Our storefront is stocked with both living aquatic specimens as well as all the maintenance equipment you could need.

The majority of our maintenance clientele is residential but we also maintain some public displays.  We have excellent references within the city.

We are very proud of the living art displays that we design. With a strong science foundation Reef Escapes is in the position to care for your aquatics like no one else in the area.  The owner graduated from Arkansas State University with Pre-Professional B.S. in Biology and has studied/cared for coral reef and freshwater aquaria since 2001.  Aquatic biologists and aquarists may help to restore the natural ecosystems by preserving what is already rapidly declining.  Reef Escapes strives to be Eco-friendly with equipment selection and only buys captive raised life wherever possible.  Please give us a call at (870) 275-6484 or email us at reefescapes@gmail.com.  You may also visit our website at www.enjoyreefescapes.com

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More About Us!

Clientele Perks.  Because our clientele is very special to us, we go out of our way to cater to their every aquarium need.  We are on call 24/7 for those whose displays we regularly maintain.  It is nice to have that peace of mind.  Maintenance hours are extremely flexible and we will make the time spent servicing your aquarium convenient to you. 

For those not currently using our monthly maintenance services we still offer internet pricing on any and all aquarium equipment.  We will beat local prices on anything aquarium related.

Reef and Fresh water aquarium design.  Reef Escapes will design your display with your tastes in mind.  Nothing is too big, nothing is too small.  We build and maintain them all.  We will also rebuild and revamp your existing set up.

Installation. Once the design is finished we will install and tune every component of the system.  This is extremely important as some can be quite complex.

Maintenance.  Some of our clientele is hands on.  This is outstanding!  Some love the display but simply don't have the time to maintain it.  This is where Reef Escapes comes in.  Others rely on us to keep them on track with their own maintenance schedule as well as keeping needed supplies in stock.  We have something for everyones aquarium need. 

Comprehensive water chemistry analysis.  The water chemistry of aquaria is extremely important and quite complex.  Often this is why potential aquarists leave the aquarium world.   To save you the headache, parameters that we will check on your aquarium include:  Temperature, pH, Specific gravity, Salinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity, Phosphate, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia.

Fish and Coral Selection and quarantine.  Because nothing is cut and dry with fish or corals we will ensure that any and all life ordered for your aquarium has been through the proper quarantine procedure. Your new introductions will be disease and parasite free as well as happily eating.  Many fish and corals are extremely aggressive and territorial.  They can perform chemical and physical warfare with each other and many wild behaviors are not the same in captivity.  We will help ensure a trouble-free success in this area.  Reef Escapes also purchases captive raised, aquacultured, and maricultured life wherever possible.  We strive to protect the natural reef ecosystems and believe that responsible aquarists protecting what is declining can preserve the reefs for rebuilding.