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Jobs in Jonesboro, AR

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Restaurant Manager

Company: Express Employment Professionals
Location: Jonesboro, Ar
Job Type: Full Time
Pay: N/A
Experience Required: 2 Years Restaurant Managment Experience

Position Details: Purpose:Knowledge of the industry and competitors.
Written and verbal communication skills.
Comprehension skills.
Time management skills.
Stress management skills.
Organizational skills.
Strong attention and memory skills.
Ability to make quick, responsible decisions.
Ability to adjust easily to any situation.
Ability to work with teams.
Ability to multi-task.
Ability to effectively delegate.
Personal motivation and goal setting.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities/ Primary Customer Service Responsibilities:Ensuring the quality of prepared product is maintained in accordance with company standards.
Ensuring orders from customers are taken in a friendly manner and served quickly and accurately with a focus on quality and appearance.
*Ensuring customer safety by maintaining sidewalks and parking lot by arranging for the clearing of snow, ice, debris, or any item that could obstruct vehicle driver view.
*Effectively handling all customer complaints in a satisfactory and timely manner.
*Answering all incoming telephone calls.

Primary Food Safety and Preparation Responsibilities:Supervising the cleanliness and sanitation of all items in the store and ensuring all procedures are in accordance with local Health Department Regulations.
Supervising the preparation of all products, ensuring the products are prepared and served in compliance with franchise agreement.
Ordering inventory in compliance with the franchise agreement and maintaining appropriate levels, depending upon expected sales.
Rotating stock. Verifying no item is served past the expiration date.
Daily preparation or purchase of perishable items such as bananas and baked goods.
Ensuring walk-in cooler and fountain are adequately stocked in preparation for the shift.
Daily preparation or purchase of perishable items such as bananas and baked goods.

Primary Human Relations Responsibilities:Proper training of employees.
Employee motivation.
Employee discipline only when immediate discipline is necessary—limiting authority to releasing employee from duty for current shift; otherwise, prepare documentation and report to the Store Manager.
Communication with staff on all issues pertaining to their positions.
Ensuring all employees are following company policies and procedures.
Ensuring safe working environment and promoting employee safety awareness.
Updating current Material Safety Data Sheets as needed.
Assigning employees to floor positions for the shift.
*Scheduling employees.

Primary Marketing Responsibilities:Assisting in the maintenance and appearance of store, both inside and out.
Seeking opportunities to increase sales volume.
*Changing reader board periodically to promote different items as instructed by franchise home office.
*Changing signs in windows as instructed by franchise home office.

Primary Accounting Responsibilities:Verifying prices on inventory items delivered.
*Preparing and making daily deposits.
Ensuring adequate change is available for all shifts.
*Verifying gift certificate availability and sales.
*Verifying cash drawers and investigating when cash drawers are either extreme or habitually long or short.
*Verifying employee time cards.

Critical Responsibilities:Daily check of stock levels on all items that cannot be acquired within 1 hour. This includes, but is not limited to, custard mix, vanilla extract, nuts, and all items with the Andy’s Frozen Custard logo.
Daily check of expiration date on custard mix.
Daily check of status on special orders.
Daily verification of adequate staffing for each store position.
Daily check of weather forecast, including current day and extended.
Daily check of condition of frozen custard machine, including checking for excessive wear and tear and needed mechanical repairs.
When in charge of opening store, ensuring all items on the morning checklist have been performed.
When in charge of closing store, ensuring all items on the nightly checklist have been performed.
Following all guidelines set by franchise agreement.

Contact: Tracie Rose
Email: tracie.rose@expresspros.com

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