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AnyWay Technologies


AnyWay Technologies is looking for a Solutions Account Representative for the Jonesboro, AR area. This is an important position that requires a motivated, business minded, well spoken individual. This position is key to the the retention and growth of AnyWay Technologies. The Solutions Account Representative's job is to support the Solutions Director, assist in the development of marketing strategies, implement the strategy, coordinate with potential clients, and coordinate with current clients. The overall goal of this position is to improve client’s networks and capabilities while looking out for the client’s interests and budget. The end goal for this position is to turn the potential client into a permanent client due to outstanding service that you would take personal as if it was your company. Below is a list of responsibilities and key skills necessary for this position.


-Good grammar

-Sufficient in MS Office

-Quick learner

-Able to work as a team

-Able to take initiative for the tasks at hand

-Self Motivated

-Able to think out of the box


*Marketing or Sales experience is a plus

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