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Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce
1709 East Nettleton Jonesboro, AR 72401
Jonesboro, AR
Phone: 870.932.6691
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The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, since its inception in 1915, has been the leader in business and commerce in the Jonesboro area. The Chamber continues to be the only viable organization that exerts its total effort toward furthering business and commerce in our area.   The Jonesboro Chamber is a voluntary organization of business people working together to improve the civic and economic vitality of our community.

Grow Your Business
As a new Chamber member, you will receive a Chamber plaque and push-pull stickers so customers can identify you as a Chamber member. You may be surprised how many consumers look for these signs to confirm you are a reputable member of the community. According to a study conducted by the Shapiro Group:

* 59% of consumers think that being active in the local chamber of commerce is an effective business strategy overall.
* 44% of consumers are more likely to think favorably of a small business when they are a member of the chamber and 63% are more likely to purchase goods and services from the company in the future.
* 43% of consumers are more likely to consider buying insurance from a chamber member.
* 40% of consumers are more likely to eat at a restaurant if they know they are a chamber member.
* 19% of consumers are more likely to think favorably of a company if they are involved with their local chamber.

Benefit From Referrals
Each year, the Chamber assists thousands of callers and visitors looking for local products and services in the area. It is our policy to provide the information of Chamber members ONLY. As a member, your company’s information will also be listed in the Business Directory on In 2008, nearly 50,000 people visited the online Business Directory to find a business. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to bring in more business.
Create Better Connections and Enhance Business Development

As a member of the Chamber, you will have the opportunity to make numerous connections at Chamber networking events. Attend a Power Breakfast, Business After Hours, or Speed Networking event to expand your network. You will also have the opportunity to get inside information by joining one of 9 Chamber committees. These committees promote business sustainability and strive to enhance our rich quality of life through advocacy, leadership, and education. The Chamber also hosts numerous professional and self improvement programs as well as seminars to enhance your business development.

Save Money
Take advantage of several programs that will increase your organization’s bottom line. The Chamber’s Member-2-Member Discount program offers over $1000 in discounts to Chamber members and their employees. Post your vacant positions by using and save literally thousands of dollars on job postings.
Increase Your Visibility

Exposure comes naturally when you are a member of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce. After all, you can’t count on advertising alone to give your business adequate community relations. Take full advantage of free publicity offered by the Chamber. Ribbon cutting ceremonies, complimentary listings in many Chamber publications, display booths and online business directory are just a few examples of the exposure you’ll enjoy.