Refund Policy

Due to the automatic nature of our billing system and the allocation of a percentage of transaction fees to charitable community support programs, Occasions and maintain a no-refund policy for advertising, sponsorship, or listing contracts. Customers are bound to the terms and costs as defined in their sales contract. If a customer cancels an account prior to the expiration of the contract term, the customer must pay the balance of the contract in full as well as any applicable early cancellation fees.

Monthly subscribers must submit a written notice to terminate an account and stop automatic billing at least thirty days in advance of the termination. Monthly subscribers must pay, in full, any remaining balance associated with their account.

In the event of a technology or hardware failure, which results in the product or service being temporarily not available for at least 72 hours within a contract term, Occasions will issue a credit for a similar product or service in an amount approximating the value of the duration of the failure. No cash or monetary refunds may be issued for any reason.