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NEA Total Fitness Jonesboro, Arkansas

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NEA Total Fitness
2810 E. Highland Drive #P
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Phone: 870.819.1013
Hours: 6:00 am to 6:30 pm
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NEA Total Fitness is the only Pilates/TRX training studio in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We offer small group (only 10 people)  Pilates Reformer (machines) classes as well as private and duet lessons. We specialize in training golfers and tennis players with Pilates and TRX. 

ATTENTION LADIES: Alot of my lady students are experiencing some fantastic results. They're reporting that they've lost 1-3" off their thighs, hips and buns, eliminated their back pain and have improved their balance and coordination dramatically. You've got to come try a Pilates Reformer class to experience how easy and effective a Pilates class can be.

ATTENTION GOLFERS: We will have 1 indoor hitting bay featuring TrueStrike Golf mats and the Net Return golf nets. Not only will you be able to get the best training to improve your game you'll be able to practice your golf swing right after you train. This will enable you to take your game to the next level very quickly.

Be sure to view our website for more information about Pilates, TRX training, our classes and the indoor hitting bay.  

Photos and videos will be posted on our website soon so be sure to check back.


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 Benefits of Pilates

* Improve the way your body looks and feels
* Will never bulk muscles
* Dramatically increases flexibility, strength and balance
* Streamlines and contours body
* Flattens tummy
* Builds long, lean muscles without adding bulk
* Challenge deep abdominal muscles to support core
* Engage the mind and enhance body awareness
* Reduces stress, relieve tension, boost energy
* Reduced anxiety and depression
* Heighten mental and neuromuscular coordination
* Increase range of motion
* Improve circulation
* Increased Lung Capacity
* Increased bone density
* Create a stronger more flexible spine
* Restore postural alignment
* Develops functional fitness for daily life activity
* Effectively reduces back, neck, hip, joint, and muscular pain
* Correct over-training of muscle groups which can lead to stress and injury
* Condition efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to 
* Rehabilitates injuries
* Enhances athletic performance and coordination 

Joseph Pilates use to say that it takes two things for a student to be successful with Pilates. “Patience and Persistence are the keys to Pilates.” A new student must be Patient with themselves and their instructor as they learn a new way to move and breathe. And a new student must be Persistent in their practice of Pilates.

If you want to see results it is recommended that you do Pilates at least twice a week and do some sort of cardio workout at least twice a week too. If you want to see results quickly then practice Pilates at least three times per week and you will see results.

Each movement that you’ll do in our Beginner classes is to prepare you for the Level 1 classes and then the Level 2 classes. There are over 500 movements we can do on the Reformer so your mind and body will be constantly challenged.

Our goal is to help you reach your goal of mental and physical well being in a safe and effective way. Pilates is a mind, body, spirit form of movements that can help you achieve whatever your mind can perceive.  

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.”  Joseph Pilates


Visit our website to learn more about Pilates.



How can Pilates help my golf game? Pilates will if nothing else improve your posture. And we all know how important your posture is in the address position.

"...incorrect stance and faulty posture greatly affect the success of the entire swing." (Hogan, 1985)

If you have rounded shoulders, a flat back or a sway back then your golf swing will have swing faults. Now if you have one of these postural faults and play golf you've already figured out how to compensate for them. But if you could improve your posture just by 10-15% then you'll be able to hit the ball 10-20 yards farther with consistency. And more importantly you will be less likely to injure your lower back, shoulders or neck.

What you're going to learn by doing Pilates is how to control your posture as you move through different planes of motion. This is exactly what you're attempting to do as you swing your golf clubs isn't it?

And you know when your posture is out of alignment as you try to drive the ball because you either slice, hook or top the ball don't you?

If you could learn how to drive the ball just 10-20 yards farther on just 5 of the 18 holes how much would your game improve? How much lower would your score be; 2, 3 or 5 strokes or maybe even more?

Here's a quote from one of my previous Pilates students,  

Dear Frank, Sorry to hear that you have left South Florida. I'm sure you will do well in Arkansas.  I must say the Pilates approach to strength and balance has helped me greatly.  I appreciated working with you over the last year or so.  I'm grateful for the time you spent teaching and helping me achieve new physical heights with your Pilates instruction.  As you may recall, I took Pilates as a method to improve my golf game.  I have always been an avid golfer but somewhat limited by work and other commitments to really get to lower scores.  As a result of core strengthening and balance exercises, I have improved my game to point that exceeds my prior expectations.  Now 47, I have not only broken par several times in the last year but have shot two of the lowest scores in my life of 66 and 67 in the last four months. Thanks Frank. I wish you well. J.W. Howard, Executive Director

Now J.W. did the two things that one must do if they want to improve their golf game by doing Pilates. He had Patience and Persistence. When doing Pilates as in golf you must be Patient with yourself, as you learn, and you must be Persistent in your practice of Pilates.

So if you did Pilates just 2 times per week and played golf at least 2 times per month then you would start to see a huge improvement in your game and your overall health.

But I believe you could improve your game even faster at NEA Total Fitness because we have a Golf specific Pilates fitness program along with an indoor hitting bay so you can practice your swing right after you workout! This is the best of both worlds if you're a golfer.

I've worked with lots of golfers and learned one thing. Golfers don't want to workout they want to hit golf balls.

That's why in our Golf fitness program your workout only consists of 25-30 minutes of strength training along with alot of stretching and then you hit balls for 25-30 minutes in our indoor hitting bay. And you'll be hitting your irons or fairway woods off of a TrueStrike golf mat which minimizes your chance of injury or developing bad swing habits.

So if you want go from Bogey to Birdie then see what we have to offer at NEA Total Fitness. Visit our website or call us today to schedule your first class which is FREE.

Call Frank today at 870.819.1013 or see what we're all about at http://www.neatotalfitness.com