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Street and Parking Lot Closings for Downtown Jonesboro BBQ Fest
Sep 27, 2016

Street / Parking Lot Closing Schedule for 2016 BBQ Fest

Close Union from Huntington to Washington approximately 8 am Friday – street barricade and detour sign

Close Monroe from Union to Justice Complex approximately 6 pm Thursday – Street barricade

Close Madison from Huntington to Washington approximately 6 pm Thursday – street barricade

Close city owned parking lot at Huntington and Union Thursday night. – Barricade and lot closed sign

Close city owned parking lot on Union Thursday evening as vehicles leave for the day. – barricade and lot closed sign

Block off lot behind police barracks Thursday night 6pm. City owned vehicles need to be repositioned.

Intersections that will require signage for the BBQ areas are as follows: Huntington and Union (Street Closed and Detour Signs) Huntington and Madison (Street Closed) Union and Monroe (Street Closed) Washington and Madison (Street Closed) Monroe near Justice Complex (Street Closed and Detour)

Detour south bound Union traffic west onto Huntington, south onto Flint, East onto Washington.

Need traffic lights at Huntington set to blink.

MAIN STREET CLOSING SCHEDULE. Close city owned parking lot at Main and Monroe wed evening at 6pm. Remains closed until Monday morning.

Barricaded Streets: Main street, Huntington (union to church), Monroe (church to union) Burke/Cate (union to Main); all to be closed on Saturday morning at 12am and remain closed until Sunday morning at 11:30am.


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