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Northeast Arkansas Humane Society's Pets of The Week
Sep 26, 2018

Zeus is about as unique as they come! He's a deaf 3 year old white Pit Bull Mix that was abandoned by his owners and brought to us by the Craighead County Sheriff's Department. One thing that Zeus loves is to have his face rubbed. Sometimes, the harder the better. And don't think for one minute that being deaf slows him down. Zeus has the personality of a Rock Star! And he has those good looks and charm going his way. Zeus is captivating a lot of hearts at the shelter....making putty out of all who meet him.

Chester is a 3-4 year old Shepherd Mix with an old elbow injury that has not slowed him down one bit! Do not let his age or elbow injury fool you. Chester might be an older dog, but he acts like he's a pup! He loves to play, loves people, and children. He's great with every dog he meets. You won't find a more sincere and eager to please dog. He wants to get along with the whole planet and is really hoping for world peace.

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