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Don't Put Rocks in Your Snowballs
Feb 09, 2011

Snow is good for a lot of things, including snow ice cream, but in my humble opinion, snow is best used for snowball fights. Sure, snow angels and snowmen are fun to make, but there is nothing better than an organized snowball fight to keep the neighborhood kids (and adults) entertained when there are a few inches on the ground.

According to all of the local weather reports, Jonesboro should definitely have enough snow in the near future to make that happen, so in case you decide to partake in a snowball fight of your own, here are the official rules:

1. Participants are divided in two or more teams. Teams should be about equal size/age.
2. Every team goes to good cover, such as a snow fort or tree house.
3. Teams make snowballs beforehand. Note: it's absolutely forbidden to put stones or other foreign objects inside snowballs. Ouch.
4. The main idea is try to hit the other team with snowballs until you conquer their base or they surrender.
5. The team who conquers their enemies' base first is the winner.

And in case you'd rather not brave the chilly outdoors, head here to have a virtual snowball fight.

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| Feb 09, 2011 - 8:31 pm
Count me in!