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Monday Popcorn: Fast Five
May 02, 2011

Is anyone else as EXHAUSTED from this weekend as I am?!? So much action:  England gets a princess, Hell gets a co-pilot, and we get…more flipping RAIN. Before we get into movie-isms, I MUST take just a moment to brag on the wonderful invention of DVR. While most of you were up at 4 a.m. Friday morning for the wedding madness, my girlfriends and I were sound asleep, yet VERY excited about the evening to come. Thanks to the television recording mechanism, on Friday NIGHT we were able to have our very own wedding cake, champagne, and Kate-inspired hats and crowns (see photo)….AND we got to fast forward through the boring stuff. Don’t you just LOVE technology??

Ok, enough of that. I wanted to mention the wedding because I think this week’s movie is a very appropriate follow-up to the three days of nonstop television coverage of it. So this week’s movie is Fast Five. Yes, FIVE, as in, this is number FIVE in the Fast and the Furious series. Side note: ladies, it’s quite acceptable to groan now. Click here to watch the trailer. 

Here’s where Prince William and Kate tie into things – I figure any of you girls who have boyfriends or husbands probably drove them NUTS with the constant replays of “the kiss” and “the dress” and “the hats” all weekend…. Right? So in return, you should be a good spouse/girlfriend and take your man to see Fast Five to even the score.

The movie really has a neat cast – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker (so hot), Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris all make for an interesting mix of something like a ghetto mafia with genius IQs….anyway, the plot isn’t really worth detailing – all you need to know is that there are car chases, killing sprees, man-fights, breaking and entering, and street races. Same as the other Fast and the Furious movies. I’ll be honest, after about the 5th car chase I started to yawn and I did catch myself looking at my watch after hour number TWO passed by (yes the movie is THAT long), and when I walked out of the theater I was NOT thinking about how much I loved it….HOWEVER…that’s the GIRL in me coming out. My date’s feelings were just about as far opposite as you can imagine. Apparently two hours of high speed chasing is a man’s idea of a thrilling time, and you can’t help but realize this is how they feel when we make them watch flicks like The Notebook and Dear John. I give it 3 stars in the man-movie department. If you’re going to let him pick the movie for your next date night (because remember, you might owe him one for making him watch Extreme Couponing or "Sex and the City" reruns with you), he could do a lot worse. Guys – I highly recommend you do something nice for your significant other this week so she’ll let you go see it. If you’re unattached, go get pizza and beer with your boys and make a night of it. You’ll love watching Vin Diesel and the Rock throw down and you’ll find yourself wondering just how many vehicles they destroyed while making this thing…and then you’ll get in your car when you leave the theater and pretend you’re a speed-driver. Don’t lie, you know you did it after you watched every other movie in this series, so why should this one be any different?

One more shout-out to technology before we part ways this week. If you’re a smart phone user, download this free app called Flixster. It’ll tell you everything coming out on DVD this week, what’s coming soon, what’s hitting theaters, and how other watchers rate the movies. Very cool! Have a LOVELY rain-soaked Monday my friends, and if anyone wants to make me soup to stay warm on this yucky day, that would be great. Just sayin.

Until next week,

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| May 03, 2011 - 3:42 pm
Glad you went to see this movie! I would have given it more like 4 stars (taking into account that this is in a completely different genre than a King's Speech), and I thought that for a 5th movie in the franchise, it was really good! Better than Tokyo Drift for sure. The one thing that really bothered me (and everyone I was with) about the movie was the Rock's HORRIBLE acting and LAUGHABLE one-liners. Other than that, awesome action movie!
| May 04, 2011 - 9:38 pm
I SOOO agree about the one-liners! He is so disappointing as an actor when he opens his mouth!! Just stick to beating people up and firing guns and all will be well! I also think you're absolutely right about the fact that it's 5th in the series and still able to hold your attention - AND there's already confirmation that #6 is coming too. The only reason I didn't give it 4 stars was because I didn't see myself renting it again when it hits DVD even though I really liked it(it takes me wanting to watch it again to hit 4-star level!). I was also surprised to read that the movie busted all previous April box office debut records...I kinda thought the series had a smaller following but apparently there are more car-chase lovers out there than I thought! Thanks for reading! Lacey
| May 06, 2011 - 12:08 am
I just now got around to downloading the flixster app and it is so awesome!! I like it because it keeps me from having to go to the movie theater website or having to call them. All the times and nearby theaters are right there at the touch of a button. Great advice on that!!