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Monday Popcorn: The Hangover Part II
Jun 06, 2011

Anyone want to guess what the temperature is going to get up to today? What’s that you say? 600 degrees fahrenheit with a side of mosquito?? Thank goodness for the pool….and the lake…and margaritas. Just sayin'.

I’ve come to a conclusion about movies today that I want to share with you. I watched Bridesmaids for the second time last night (and yes, it was just as great as the first time) and it made me realize that comedies are not meant to be measured by the number of laughs per minute they produce, but the number of quotes you can take away from the movie to use in everyday life. Think about it…have you not used the phrase “Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.” about 300 times since you watched the first round of The Hangover? I can assure you I look for ways to insert that into my regular vocabulary as often as humanly possible. Using this logic, doesn’t that change the ranking of your favorite movies list? I mean, Christmas Vacation will ALWAYS reign supreme in LaceyLand, but the quote factor definitely bumps the Father of the Bride and Home Alone movies out of my #2 and 3 spots, only to be replaced by Stepbrothers, Elf, Wedding Crashers, Old School and probably the first Hangover. Can’t see the line can ya Russ? Haha

This brings me to our movie for the week, The Hangover Part II. Click here to watch the trailer. A few things. One, I really hated to even review this movie because I think EVERYONE has already seen it, which should tell you something about the movie in itself. I mean, people who NEVER go to the movies have even watched this madness, so why in the world would you want my opinion of it? I guess if you’re still reading you’ve got a nice leisurely Monday on your hands. Two, attention single ladies. If they make a 3rd sequel in this series, you desperately need to gather your gal pals and go watch this on opening night. Why? Because this is the ONLY movie that boys will gather in packs to watch, hence giving you the opportunity to be the cool chick who appreciates nonsense comedy as much as he does. Priceless! Three, movies like this represent exactly the reason I started doing “normal people” movie reviews. I’ve read a few professional reviews of this flick and every single one of them made me want to smack a critic in the face. They are laden with complaints of this movie’s “lack of reinvention” and “it’s exactly the same as the first one.” WELL – HELLO, what did you expect? I mean, how do you “reinvent” a classic? You don’t. You repeat it. DUH. I give major props to the creators of this movie for capitalizing on the success of the first installment.

If you haven’t seen it, we learn in Part II that Stu is getting married (and I just have to say, that chick was way too hot for him) in Thailand, so the gang travels across the planet for the festivities. Of course Stu wants no part of a bachelor party, especially since Alan is in attendance, but the boys convince him to have just one beer around the beach bonfire…and the rest is history.

Like its predecessor, this one includes someone getting lost, bad drugs, and an appearance from Mike Tyson. And Mr. Chow even makes a reappearance! I was happy they gave him more lines this time. That dude is funny. My honest opinion is that Part II is not as great as the original, but everyone knows that sequels never are. However, if we use my quote-worthy rating system, the movie is definitely fantastic! Plus, not that I have to say this, but…Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper. Smokinnnnn! I give it 3.5 stars. Definitely will watch again, if for no other reason than to add to my movie quote library. “What is this a PF Changs?!” haha

Go watch it!


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