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Little Hands: Sunny Summer Projects
Aug 02, 2011

Can you believe school is starting back soon?! Me either. This is my least favorite time of the year, to be honest. Not only is it terribly hot, but because fall semester is starting, I'm doing the terrible class schedule switching AND terrible heat thing. As of late, my attitude towards our lovely Arkansas climate hasn't been the most joyful (who can blame me?) so I thought an adjustment was in order. If you can't beat it, join it, right?!

So, we looked around our house for things that would melt. Crayons! Crayons melt perfectly. I googled some images, because who just wants to throw crayons out there to melt without making something sort of productive out of them? I found an art piece made from melted crayons people have been doing. You simply hot glue crayons on a piece of cardboard, and allow the crayons to melt all the way down until the cardboard is covered with beautiful colors. Most of these online are in a certain order so the color slowly fades, but London got to pick out which color was used to keep her involved, so ours' is quite random. We sat it outside leaning against something and within a few hours, we had empty crayon tubes along the top of a beautifully painted piece of cardboard! It's going to go into the girls' room one day when I stop putting that off.

Next, I thought I'd throw some ice cubes onto the sidewalk for us to watch to give some temporary satisfaction to the toddler, since the crayons were taking so long. I thought, "how great! she'll get that ice is from water AND why her popsicles melt when she takes forever to eat them!" Fail. She was absolutely not interested in my little science experiment. However, a friend gave us the idea of adding food coloring to water in an ice cube tray and allowing them to melt on some paper or cardboard! She loved it! Mental note: If you do that project, food coloring ice cubes stain hands. Seriously. I looked like I was getting ready for Halloween because we had red, green, and a purple color, but the green and purple stained the worst. Toothpicks or utensils to get them out are probably a good idea. We're looking around for more things to melt while we wait for the heat to move on.

Happy August everyone! I need to get on an end of summer party just for our little family, as well as Story's first birthday party at the beginning of next month! Yikes! And we just did the baby food tutorial not that long ago it seems.

Until next week,

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| Aug 02, 2011 - 9:41 pm
How fun! I melted crayons with my kids when they were little. Oh the things we did! I also turned them loose with finger paint and even let them paint themselves.