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Little Hands: S'More Fun in the Sun
Aug 09, 2011

So, continuing with the whole melting theme we've been "celebrating," if you can call it that, I thought of s'mores! I wanted to keep it simple this past Saturday, since we would be at my in-laws' house and it wasn't my kitchen, so I decided to use vanilla wafer cookies, mini marshmallows, and hershey kisses. It was perfect! Little Hands could help fix everything, and there was no fire to harm. We sat them out on the deck, and about half an hour later, we had melty chocolate and soft marshmallows that we smashed together. It wasn't until after this that I learned that tomorrow, Wednesday, is national S'more Day! There's a day to celebrate these lovelies? Though I still think the date should be pushed back to somewhere in the fall, I have yet to find the person to write my suggestive letter to, so the celebration will still go on tomorrow.

In light of that, I decided why not go all out and make some homemade marshmallows and graham crackers? Yes, you can make them homemade. No, nothing special is needed. I'm working on the crackers today, so I regret to say I have no finished picture of that. I do, however, have the marshmallows ready! They're so simple, and...use no oven! Yay! Also, if you ever boil anything over on the stove and it burns, it should be marshmallows. I speak from experience that it makes your entire house smell like roasted marshmallows and a campfire! But don't do it on purpose. I used this recipe (, and though I don't have a fancy kitchen mixer, my handheld worked fine even though I had to stop several times for little ones and an issue with a tea set. (Should they even be fighting yet?!) I got them ready, left them to sit overnight, and tried them this morning. I tell ya, if you've never had homemade marshmallows, you're missing out. They're so good, and that's not including the fact that you can pronounce all the ingredients (foods that don't expire for forever scare me.) We also have plans to make some cocoa to put them in and watch some Christmas movies while we pretend it's not 100 degrees outside.

Also this week, we've been big on fairies. I came across a little watermelon house online and decided we would make it just for the fairies that live outside our house. I carved out the house, complete with windows, and placed it under my morning glories (hoping maybe those little fairies would make my flowers actually bloom haha). We placed a candle underneath (to help the fairies find it, of course) much like a summer time jack-o-latern. Have a watermelon you're about to carve and little ones with big imaginations? See what you can come up with ;). I think we'll try a castle next time.

Until next time,

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