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Little Hands Make Homemade Stickers
Aug 16, 2011

Hope all those with kids are having an easy and fun first week back into the school routine. For some reason, it didn't hit me that any deep cleaning I've been wanting to do and putting off would have to be done this week (before my classes start again), or wait until Christmas break. So, the project for the post this week was supposed to happen yesterday day, but because of craziness, it wasn't finished until last night. All in all, forgive the pictures ;). We've been trying to cross off things from our summer bucket list as summer draws to a close, and yesterday it was making homemade stickers! I was pleasantly surprised how fun and easy this was. We plan on doing it again this week when we have more time to decorate a Get Well card for the girls' great grandmother that's recovering from a surgery.

In order to do this, you'll first want to find some thin paper, such as magazines or printed wrapping paper. We cut out what we wanted from magazines without paying attention to cutting it out exact. Then you'll need a packet of gelatin, 4 tablespoons of boiling water, 1 teaspoon of light corn syrup, and 1 teaspoon of flavoring (optional). You boil the water and then stir it into the gelatin in a bowl. Once it's dissolved, you stir in the syrup until it's dissolved, then add your flavoring if you want. Brush the backs of the pieces of paper with the mix. I forgot to take our paint brushes, so we ended up using a pastry brush at my in laws, and it was fine. Once they're completely dry, you cut your picture out more exact, and it's done!

Whenever you're ready to stick, just lick the back and stick! They'll stick to almost anything it seems. We talked last night about how you could decorate notebooks with them, or just make art projects on paper, whatever! Plus, as always, this project has no risky chemicals that you don't want little hands, or especially mouths!, to get into. Once the mix begins to cool too much, it becomes very jelly like and all of it washes away with warm water. Try it out! If you have an older child than mine, they can do almost this whole project on their own, which you know they'll love.

Until next week,

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