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Little Hands: Pizza on the Grill
Aug 23, 2011

I hope everyone is getting into the groove of back to school! I'm actually sad that summer was so quick to leave, and now I'm away from my girls every day for classes. Because of the craziness that is back to school week, I've completely cheated on my blog post and am posting about one of my favorite meals that I actually took pictures of for you weeks ago! Ha! I plan ahead. Anyway, who doesn't like pizza? Who doesn't like to grill in the summer? So let's do both! I promise you, pizza on the grill is sooo much better than it is in the oven. It has that brick oven taste to it. You can make your own dough (which is surprisingly easy and CHEAP! just google some recipes), use packaged dough, or even use a kit like the Chef Boyardee. We've done all three. You make up the dough, divide it into balls and flatten them out to make small individual pizzas. No need to put down aluminum foil or anything. If you fear your dough is too soft, add a little flour. The trick is to work in more flour into the individual pizzas, not the entire ball of dough. Each pizza cooks for about 5 to 10 minutes on one side. You can then put them on places with cooked side up, and put the sauce and toppings on the cooked side. Then place them back on the grill for the bottom to cook and the toppings to melt. The second side cooks faster than the first, so all in all, they cook in about 10 to 15 minutes. Great, right? No mess inside. Everyone can have their own toppings. Little hands can fix their own and be a part of the process, which I love. This is great for kids, teens, sleep overs, adult couples coming over, everything! I would highly recommend adding fresh herbs to them. Big basil leaves that dry out as they cook add amazing flavors (kind of smokey?) to them and also help expose your little ones to foods they aren't accustomed to seeing. Try it out! It's actually what we had again tonight, since my first day back was so long, and I didn't at all feel like cooking some big dinner.

Note: My camera hates me. My children block my good light. I finally thought I had a great picture of my finished product with all the pizzas there laid out. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized I have an impatient, hungry toddler. *head slap* It makes it more realistic though, right?

Until next time,

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