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Little Hands: Paper Baskets for the Holidays
Nov 15, 2011

If your family is anything like ours, the holiday season lots of baked goods going different places. If you're also like my family, then you'd like them to look presentable, but options are slim and all of your food storage containers have some sort of leftovers in them in the fridge. Enter, paper baskets. These baskets are easy to make with some 12 X 12 scrapbook paper and some ribbon. You simply fold each side down 4 inches from the edge so that there are now 9 equal squares on the paper. Then the corners are folded diagonally. For those that are visual like me, fear not, I found a website that gives a diagram to show exactly what to do.

I used a needle and thread to keep my tops together, but I've decided staples would work just as well. Then I tied ribbon around the top to cover how uneven my basket really was. A wider ribbon would work really well to decorate better, but I kept mine with a music note theme so I only had thin. I baked muffins last night just for this blog post and a special breakfast for the morning, but we spent some time in emergency care last night with a two year old that received six stitches. After a day and night that long, the muffins were burned a tad, and the pictures are lacking, but yay for a website to show you better! And yes, indeed, that is an outdoor table inside that basket is sitting on. A spray painting project that couldn't very well be ruined by rain! London regularly plays "spray painting." I may have a problem...

Anyway, these baskets are so easy! The lady from the blog link talks about scoring the lines, and though that may be necessary if you're using card stock, it definitely isn't needed with scrapbook paper. Just fold, staple, tie a ribbon and fill! I have several friends expecting babies, and this will definitely be something they'll get filled with muffins or cookies once their little ones arrive. It's great for Christmas parties, teacher appreciation gifts, and you can even fill it with non-edible things! For instance, I believe I'll be making one for London's birthday and filling it with fun little things to leave by her bed for when she wakes up her birthday morning, somewhat like a stocking.

Until next time,

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