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Little Hands Make Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments
Nov 23, 2011

Before this blog, I never realized how much our lives revolve around the weather and nature in this house. With all the rain lately, we've spent most of our time inside, therefore passing the time cooking and crafting. It's becoming so much of the routine, in fact, that London either wakes me up asking, "What we make today?" or asks shortly after breakfast. Our Christmas tree went up a few days ago because of some requests from a certain two year old. One of my favorite crafts from this week was cinnamon dough ornaments. I remember making them when I was a child, a switch my mom probably made from real cookies on the tree to keep me from eating them. Cinnamon dough is a simple and easy craft that any age kid can help with or do completely.

We simply poured half of a large container of cinnamon - that I bought from a dollar store - into a bowl. Then, we added spoonfuls of applesauce to the cinnamon until we could knead the dough and it would be firm, but not sticky. Once it's at the consistency you'd like, you roll it out flat. I taped wax paper down to the counter with some painter's tape and rolled it out, then let London "roll it out" as much as she wanted. Next, we took Christmas cookie cutters and cut the shapes out of the dough and laid them on a large cookie sheet I had covered in aluminum foil. I took the end of a wooden skewer and poked holes in the top of all the shapes last. You let them air dry and once they feel hard and dry, you lace ribbon or yarn through them to hang them on the tree. We have a lot of music things on our tree, so we used sheet music ribbon. We ended up with about fifteen Christmas trees, gingerbread men, angels, and stars. They smell so amazing, especially during the making and drying. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving! I so wanted a good Thanksgiving post today, but today was the removal of stitches from last week's fall, so things are a bit hectic for me and mine.

Until next time,

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| Nov 23, 2011 - 3:47 pm
hah, yet another for putting the christmas tree up before always have great posts. hope u and urs have a great holiday..good luck with the kid's healing
| Nov 23, 2011 - 5:39 pm
(and let your brother know, if his cd player doesn't work during's prolly because of the cold weather!)