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Little Hands Visit the Tinkering Studio
Jun 27, 2012

So, other than a shockingly low humidity for a late June day this week, the rest of our June month and the beginning of July is looking a little less ... miserably hot. Have you looked at that 10-day forecast?! There's only so much the shade and some water play can do when you're faced with temps reaching over 100 degrees and you have little flushed faces asking to play outside anyway. One solution can be found at the ASU Museum!

In May, they opened a new exhibit for children called the Tinkering Studio. It's a hands-on exhibit that encourages children and adults to explore wonders from a scientific perspective. Not only does this exhibit encourage your children to think, create, and play, but it's a place to do that INDOORS while the outdoors deal with the hot sun. Also, it's a free exhibit! You can load up your kiddos, head over to ASU, and explore. Remember that you can no longer enter campus from Caraway road, and for those unfamiliar with the campus, the museum is in the library (the big building with the clock).

You can also find more information about this on their website.

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