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Little Hands' Fall Bucket List
Oct 10, 2012

We're full on into the midst of autumn and we are LOVING it! I really love bucket lists. They make it easy to remember the things I want to do before a certain time, and I try to make one on my computer each season. I never really had the idea of making it cute and printing it out to keep visible until I stumbled upon one on Pinterest. It was pretty much the same things that are on my list, except I had a few more on mine and didn't think to add a couple of her's. I got the free download last year from

It's just so much fun to check things off a list! Or is that just for Type A's like me? But it is fun for the girls to see a list of things I read to them and know that we'll do all of those things before fall is over. We've already marked off 6 or 7 of the things and it's October 9th! Feel free to go to her site and print off a copy for your own fridge! Make a point of going out of your way to make this fall fun for your family. You won't be sorry!

Until next time,

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