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Four Years of Frugality: Things to Be Thankful For
Nov 01, 2012

Hello my friends! This semester is coming to a close soon, meaning I will be graduating (such a scary thought) and transitioning into the real world. Okay, more like catapulted into a scary new adventure, but that’s OK! I’ve had a great time in college, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Because it’s now November and Thanksgiving is coming up, I’d like to share a few things I’m thankful for as a broke college kid. We may not have much to our name while we’re pursuing an education, but there are plenty of things we can count as blessings. Here are a few of mine:

1.      Point Cards are one of the greatest things to ever grace the wallets of anyone on a budget. I can’t go anywhere without mine. If a store I shop at a lot offers points for shopping with them, you better believe I’m going to be racking up the points! Most places offer discounts on groceries or fuel for the amount of points you get which really adds up if you’re traveling home often or trying to avoid eating out a lot. Check out your favorite stores to see if they offer point cards because your life will be forever changed.

2.      Thrift stores are some of my favorite places on the planet. So many treasures can be found at these places whether you are looking for furniture, dishes, clothes, etc. Most items are in great condition and are perfect for dorm living. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve found numerous pieces of furniture that have served me well over the years and will continue to for years to come.

3.      Flyers can be found posted all over college campuses. And most of the time, those flyers are advertising either jobs on campus or free stuff. Both of these things great and so many people pass these flyers by. If you see flyers are campus, check them out! You never know the luck you might fall into.

4.      Student sales are a great concept that many companies use. Most computer/electronic companies like Apple, ASUS, Dell and others offer sales on their products at various times throughout the year. A friend of mine purchased her Macbook – originally $1,500 – for $700 because she was a student. And this doesn’t stop with just electronics! Student discounts can be found at numerous stores and restaurants, locally and elsewhere. Always ask when you are out shopping or dining if the establishment offers a discount for students. You’ll be glad you did!

      Last but not least, I would like to say I’m quite thankful for my weekly cards from my mom and dad. Since my first week in college, they have sent me a little something, whether it is a comic strip they know I’ll think is funny or a picture, or sometimes a gift card to my favorite fast food place. These things always come in a small note card with some kind of encouraging message, and I’ve kept them all over the last few years. They’ve made being away from home so much easier. I believe this is one thing all parents should try to do, maybe not every week, but just enough to encourage their student and remind them that they will do great things!

I hope sharing my list hasmade you think of what it is you are thankful for as well. As always, I’d love for you to comment and share what you are thankful for as a college student. It’s important to remember that while college is one of the toughest things you’ll do in life, it’s also one of the best, and there are so many things to appreciate about your years in college.

Until next time,

-     Beth 

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