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Little Hands' Easy Peasy Pie Crust
Nov 13, 2012

It's been holiday fever at our house. Has it hit your house too? We've had Christmas records playing, stock and soup simmering, bread rising, and pie baking. The girls have been working on their cutting and gluing skills making construction paper turkeys, and we've gathered more fall leaves and pine cones than I think we had on our trees.

I thought that to celebrate our holiday fever and Thanksgiving coming just next week, I'd share my favorite go-to pie crust recipe! I would say this is a fail proof recipe, but I've been that person trying that so called "fail proof" one before and it ended up an epic fail. So, it's an ALMOST fail proof recipe! Just four easy ingredients and it makes two 9 inch crusts.

Easy Peasy Pie Crust

*2 cups flour
*3/4 tsp salt
*2/3 cup shortening
*1/3 cup water

DIRECTIONS:  Sift the flour and salt together. Cut in the shortening until it's pea sized pieces. Knead in the water and separate into two balls. Roll them out and bake your pie!

Until next time,

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