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Jonesboro Housing Authority Receives of $15,000 Grant Award from State Farm Insurance
Jun 04, 2013

During a ceremonial award presentation on May 30, the Jonesboro Housing Authority – Housing Community Development Organization [hereafter “JURHA HCDO”] received a $15,000 charitable grant contribution from State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company to assist in funding of the agency’s Housing Counseling Program.  As of January 31, 2007, JURHA HCDO was approved as a HUD Housing Counseling Agency and has administered Housing Counseling services by utilizing funding through grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Jonesboro’s CDBG, and State Farm; as well as funding from Arkansas Development Finance Authority and other leveraging sources.

Since 2004, JURHA HCDO has provided Housing Counseling Homebuyer Education to its Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher assisted clients, with 29 successful home closings and only two defaults. These positive numbers are possible because of quality pre and post homebuyer education.  As a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency, JURHA HCDO received and utilized HUD Grant funding to provide counseling services for Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution, Loss Mitigation, Money/Debt Management, Pre-Purchase, Post-Purchase and Renters Assistance; conduct workshops for Homebuyer Education and Predatory Lending; and provide Fair Housing Assistance. Considering the current funding shortage and the loss of our Housing Counselor during the 2013 funding award period, JURHA HCDO did not receive a Housing Counseling grant from HUD. However, our agency has submitted a Housing Counseling Grant Application for upcoming funding year. Additionally, JURHA HCDO did not receive a CDBG award for 2013. As a result and due to a lack of funding, it has been a struggle to meet the housing counseling service needs that are crucial for our local and surrounding communities. 

In an endeavor to promote and encourage learning; to increase awareness of educational opportunities; and to improve the knowledge of homeowners, homebuyers and renters, the JURHA HCDO’s Housing Counseling Program partners with local real estate agents, credit agencies, banks, the State Fair Housing Commission, financial insurance agents, home inspectors and maintenance trainers to conduct individual and group educational and training opportunities. Although JURHA-HCDO still has a huge funding gap, the support of the State Farm Insurance $15,000 funding contribution affords JURHA-HCDO the opportunity to continue to assist struggling families on a one-to-one or group basis to manage their money; navigate the home buying process; and, secure their funding futures and prevent foreclosure.

For more information concerning the Housing Counseling Program’s services, please contact Sharon Ivy @ or (870) 336-9619. 

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