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Easing Your Child's Transition Back To School
Aug 12, 2013

For some children heading back to school can bring up feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.  Here are a few ways to better prepare your child with Special Needs.

1. School visit: During the weeks building up to the first day, many teachers can be found setting up their classrooms and are often happy to receive visits and even some help from students.  Walking around the school, seeing the classroom, where he or she will sit, and getting to know the teacher is a great way to alleviate some anticipatory anxiety.

2. Write a social story: While visiting the school, take photos of your child with the teacher, in the cafeteria, on the playground, etc.  Then you can use these photos to create a more relatable story.

3. Plan a date with a classmate: Most schools post class lists in advance of the beginning of school.  Even if it's just meeting another family at the park for an hour, this is a great way to get acquainted with a new classmate or reacquainted with an old one.

4. Shop for school supplies together: Letting your child pick out his or her school supplies might help them feel proud of their utensils and feel reminded that he or she will have items that are exclusively theirs in the classroom.

5. Write a story for the other kids: If your child will be spending time in the general education environment, it might be helpful for his typically developing peers to understand a bit about your child.  In the book include some things about your child that makes him unique and all the things that make him just like the other kids.  You may also want to include a page about some things that are difficult for your child.  This book may also be for the parents of your child's peers to help them explain your child's differences to their own kids. 


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