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Little Hands' Autumn Crafts
Nov 06, 2013

Happy November! Aren't the trees beautiful this year? The girls and I have spent countless hours sifting through maple leaves to find perfectly colored ones for autumn crafts and picking up pecans in our backyard. November actually came just in time. My husband and I were discussing just last week some glimpses of ungratefulness we have spotted in the hearts of our girls lately and trying to decide on how to guide that. Luckily, November was starting, and with it, comes a multitude of opportunities to practice gratefulness.

For the last several months, each day at lunch, I pull out two little journals for each of the girls and they list 3 things they are thankful for. During November, we add a few more activities. Our favorite is our grateful chain. I cut strips of paper to have ready, and each day at lunch, the girls name something they're thankful for. By Thanksgiving, the chain stretches down the hall back and forth. It's a neat visual reminder to be grateful, and we talk about how fun and happy the colorful chain makes us and how thankfulness leads to joy every time. Do you have some fun activities to help your little ones keep a thankful heart this month? If not, a paper chain is an easy way to go, and we get to leave it up all through the Christmas season too!

Until next time, Heather

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