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Blowing Giant Bubbles with Little Hands
Jun 17, 2014

Does your family enjoy blowing bubbles? It really is such a simple thing, but even still, my girls love bubbles so much. In the summer, I always make a batch of homemade bubbles and fill a beverage container so they can refill their own bubbles because they use (and spill) that much. You want to know what takes simple bubble blowing and makes it even more enjoyable but still incredibly simple? Giant bubbles! The way to make giant bubbles is to take two drinking straws and a piece of yarn about the length of 5 of the straws. For older children with a longer arm span, you can make the yarn 6-8 times the straw length. Run the yarn in both straws, tie, and you're done. Then fill a container with bubble solution and put the new bubble "wand" down in it. Swoosh it around gently to mix it up more, and pick up and blow! Actually, we hardly even need to blow. The surface is so big that even a gentle breeze blowing makes better bubbles than the girls and their very passionate and hard puffs of air. So try out some giant bubbles this summer! Out after dark? Pour a bit of the solution from a glow stick into your bubbles for some after hours glow in the dark fun.

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