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Aug 02, 2018
Congratulations! Mr. Waldo is a finalist in Jonesboro Occasions 2018 Cutest Dog Photo Contest. Mr. Waldo’s owner is Lisa Trevathan. IMPORTA...
viewed 873 times
Aug 02, 2018
Congratulations! Diesel is a finalist in Jonesboro Occasions 2018 Cutest Dog Photo Contest. Diesel’s owners are Jeff and Amanda Davis. IMPO...
viewed 681 times
Aug 01, 2018
Recently I had a sore throat, cough, congestion and fever so I called the doctor. No one could see me anytime soon so I was directed to urgent...
viewed 545 times
Jul 31, 2018
Pearl is a grey, 5 year old Domestic Short Hair. She's very laid back and loves to watch everyone in the Cat Room. Pearl loves any kind of a...
viewed 624 times
Jul 26, 2018
Cocco is our dog of the week. She's been at the shelter since 1/3/2018. Cocco is a 1 year old Hound Mix that's Heart Worm Posititve. She's ...
viewed 1063 times
Jul 25, 2018
When it’s hot like this, I scarcely want to eat, much less heat up the oven or stove top. But when the family asks “What is there to eat?...
viewed 596 times
Jul 18, 2018
Fatso has been with us since June 7th. He's a golden colored Shepherd Mix. Fatso is 3 months old and is a joy to be around. Fatso came to u...
viewed 662 times
Jul 16, 2018
Meet Woody and Peaches! Woody is our featured kitten this week. He's a 3 month old Black Domestic Long Hair. Woody has been with us since M...
viewed 1048 times
Jul 04, 2018
When my friend, Lynn, and her husband, Brad, planned a float trip down the Buffalo National River last summer, several of us quickly decided i...
viewed 1508 times
Jul 03, 2018
Unfortunately, not every Fourth of July falls close to the weekend resulting in a three-day weekend. If this year’s mid-week holiday has you...